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SphereVision Project (create interactive maps that combine 360° imagery and video trails)
Price Download User Guide
Builder (V1.4.0) £1200 (Annual Subscription)   *
Viewer (V1.4.0) Free

*Please note: Save function is disabled in the trial version of SphereVision Project.


SphereVision Player360 (free viewer for 360° video and stills)
Windows (V2.1.9) Flash/Web (V2.2) Mobile Devices User Guide
(SphereVision Branded)

£150 (Unbranded)



Example iStar Measurement Pairs (.nctrm)

Courtyard (380mb)

Office (240mb)



Example Projects (.svbun)

Factory (1.02gb)

Porsche (103mb)


London Boat Show (1gb)


MJ Rees (1.7gb)



Example 360° Videos (.mp4)

Harley (11mb)

Skiing (40mb)

Underwater (67mb)

Breakdancing (233mb)

Astra (103mb)

Showreel (89mb)

The Gadget Show (66mb)

Welsh Highland Rail (54mb)

Saw: The Ride (52mb)

Zip Line (46mb)

Burghley House (45mb)